Power House 1 Day Detox

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​Green Valley Cleanser Power House

It is not surprising that as the human race reaches new heights of success in different fields of life depending on excessive amount of technology, the humans have still failed at keeping themselves healthy.

It is a bit hard to accept this reality as one can’t deny the fact that medical science has mad e a lot of success and we are probably living more safely from diseases than before. However, the integration of so much technology in our routine lives has made us lazier and lethargic. In the past, people were more physically active and exercise was not just restricted to the gym. Nowadays, people have technology aided tools even for the most minor of chores. There is more sitting and lying down in our lives now. Most of us spend hours in from of lit screen of our laptops and it is not for entertainment purposes in most cases.

As a result, we might have been able to prevent serious diseases but have failed to maintain day to day health. In the long run, our failure to keep ourselves healthy on a regular basis will lead to diseases eventually. Most of us really a ticking time bomb.

How Are We Keeping Ourselves Unhealthy?

There are so many factors that can be found in our daily lives that are the cause of bad health. People are eating too much fast food because the competitive life hardly gives time to cook something healthy and delicious. On the other hand, we have developed an affinity to eat packaged food instead of going for fresh stuff. It is no news when we come to know the amount of preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients added to the packaged food. These ingredients are a cause of many unhealthy conditions.

Moreover, women and men have started to use too many cosmetics. Many would argue how can something for external use harm our health? The truth is that the skin has the ability absorb which means that the harmful chemicals used in different cosmetics can easily get absorbed into our systems.

Detoxing the Body

It is important that we take out time from our busy lives to detox and cleanse the body. There is no lack of products in the market that can help us detoxify. However, many of them don’t use natural ingredients and don’t work very quickly.

Green Valley Cleanser understands that people lead very busy lives and it is not possible to tale more than two consecutive days out of schedule to pay attention to our health. Therefore, the company has come with Power House which is a cleansing and detox drink. It is prepared without using any artificial flavour, additives, preservatives and added sugars. This means that your body will be able to cleanse by benefiting from all the herbs used in the drink. Herbs like peppermint, aloe vera, garlic and more have been used. Moreover, it is designed to completing the detox process within a single day. This is the quickest you can cleanse your body. Power House is the only single day detox drink available in the market.

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